Quick Start Guide

Rack PDU Setup
1. Connect to a Network
Connect an Ethernet cable from your
network to the RPC2 Communications
Module’s Network port.
Ensure that all devices to be powered
through the MPH2 are shut down and
unplugged from input power sources.
Connect the devices’ input power cables to
the rack PDU’s outlets.
Record where each piece of rack
equipment is connected using the branch
and receptacle numbers on the rack PDU
for reference.
2. Connect Devices’ Power Cords
Connect the link port of the first rack
PDU to the Network In port of the second
rack PDU with an Ethernet cable.
3. Create a Rack PDU Array
Use an RJ45 cable to connect the link
port of the first rack PDU to the Network
In port of the second rack PDU; repeat for
up to two more rack PDUs (total of four).
4. Connect a Liebert SN Sensor
Use an RJ45 cable to connect an approved
SN sensor to the sensor port of the RPC2.
5. Connect a Console Server or Switch
Connect a console server or switch to the
serial port of the RPC2 communications
module with an Ethernet cable.
6. Connnect a Basic Display Module
Use an RJ45 cable to connect a Basic
Display Module (BDM) to the display port
of the RPC2.
Technical Support
Web Site
800-222-5877, ext. 1
Outside North America: +800 1155 4499, ext. 1
e-mail: liebert.upstech@emerson.com
800-222-5877, ext. 2
Outside North America: +800 1155 4499, ext. 2
e-mail: liebert.monitoring@emerson.com
RPC2 Front
Serial Port Sensor Port Display Port Link Port Network Port
Turn on the MPH2 Rack PDU
1. Ensure that all circuit breakers on the unit are in the Off position.
2. Connect input power to the MPH2 rack PDU.
3. Press the circuit breaker down into the On position.
4. Verify that input power is present, that the LED’s are illuminated and
that the onboard display is powered up.
5. Turn on the connnected devices one at a time.
6. Verify that each is operating properly.
RPC2 in MPH2
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