Assembly Instructions:
1. Line up the hinges on the faceplate with the
notches on the masonry box and insert the
faceplate into the box (Figure 1).
2. Open the faceplate door and insert the
mounting bolts through the holes in the
faceplate and into the threaded inserts on
the masonry box. There are 2 bolts/holes;
one on each side (Figure 2).
3. Tighten both bolts with a screwdriver
(Figure 3).
4. Apply a thin bead of silicone to the outside
seam where the masonry box meets the
rear of the faceplate. This bead of silicone
should only be applied to the top and two
side seams of the assembly. Do not apply to
the bottom seam (Figure 4).
5. Let the silicone harden overnight before
installing the assembly into your column or
Figure 1
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Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Match your Manchester
with an optional
address plaque or newspaper box.
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