Instructions / Assembly

Foreword: Assembling a bicycle is an important responsibility. Proper
assembly not only gives the rider more enjoyment of the bicycle; it also
offers an important measure of safety.
Getting Started
Open the carton from the top and remove the bicycle. Remove the straps
and protective wrapping from the bicycle. Inspect the bicycle and all
accessories and parts for possible shortages. It is recommended that
the threads and all moving parts in the package be lubricated prior to
Do not discard packing materials until assembly is complete to insure
that no required parts are accidentally discarded. Assemble your bicycle
following the steps that pertain to your model.
Note: Your bicycle may be equipped with different style components than
the one illustrated.
Remove the protective cap from the stem wedge and loosen the stem
bolt using the 6mm Allen key. Some models may use a 13mm hexagonal
bolt. Place the handlebar stem into the head tube, observing the minimum
insertion mark on the handlebar stem and ensuring that all cables are free
of tangles. Check that the fork and the handlebar are facing forward, and
that they are properly aligned with the front wheel. Tighten the stem bolt.
Rotate the handlebar to the desired position and tighten the Stem Cap
Binder Bolts securely using a 5mm Allen key.
Includes 16” and 20” BMX Bikes
Assembly is the same for boy and girl’s bikes.
The handlebar must be inserted so that the minimum
insertion mark cannot be seen. Warning: Over-tightening
the stem bolt or headset assembly may cause damage to
the bicycle and/or injury to the rider.
Insertion Mark
Stem Cap Binder Bolts
Stem Wedge

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