BATTERY: 12 volt DC, 7 Amp hr.
CHARGER: 12 volt DC, 500 mA
Image Sensor: 1/3" Sony CCD (B/W)
Resolution: 400 HORIZONTAL LINES
Light Sensitivity: .001 LUX HI-VU LED'S on
Field Of View: 90 Degrees
CRT: 5.5" Diag. Flat Screen
High Resolution
ON (no illumination): 700 mA
IR-Vu (non-visible infrared): 775 mA
HI-Vu (visible multi-color): 750 mA
To activate your warranty, you must send the original sales receipt or Xerox copy with
the warranty card.The warranty will be void without the accompanying sales receipt.
For a period of one year from date of purchase MarCum Technologies will provide free
parts and labor on any defects in materials or workmanship, with exception of the
following conditions: damaged or cut cables, lost components, damage due to
unauthorized modifications, repairs, or misuse.
The manufacturer must perform all warranty work or repairs. If your underwater
viewing system requires service, call us at the number listed below to receive a Return
Authorization Number (RMA) and return shipping address. DO NOT return the unit to
our PO Box in Monticello. UPS will not deliver to a PO Box. This return procedure has
been implemented because we may be able to save you the inconvenience of
returning the unit. Some problems may be resolvable by a technician over the phone.
If the unit is sent back to MarCum Technologies for repair, mark the Return
Authorization Number on the outside of the package and enclose a letter stating the
problem with your return address and daytime phone number.
For your convenience save the original box and packing materials for use if factory
return is required. For warranty repair and/or service call (763) 271-1988.
VS 500
Instruction Manual
Recharging the battery after every use is recommended. As a general rule of thumb,
charge the battery for twice the amount of time as it was used. The VS 500
underwater viewing system has a DC charging port located just above the battery
door on the right side of the monitor face.The charger that was supplied with the VS
500 system is a 500 mA DC charger with a male jack. To charge your system, simply
plug the male jack of the charger into the plug in port in the face of the monitor and
then plug the charger into a 110 volt AC wall outlet. The 7 amp, 12 volt battery that
was supplied with the VS 500 system should take about 15 hours to charge from a
completely discharged state. The charger incorporates a Charge Alert feature to alert
the user to when the battery reaches full capacity. This is accomplished when the
green LED light shuts off on the face of the charger. The charger does not shut off
automatically but will output a trickle charge indefinitely. It is recommended, however,
that the charger be disconnected from the monitor when the Charge Alert green LED
is no longer on. It’s recommended that you remove the battery door while charging to
allow for increased air ventilation through out the battery compartment.
If your viewing image appears cloudy or fuzzy, check your battery charge. One of the
major symptoms of a dead or near dead battery is the degradation of your viewing
image. Try charging your battery or if the battery is unable to hold a charge, replace it
with a new one of the same specification. If you need to remove the battery, unplug
the two battery terminals from the battery. Unscrew both the screws located in the
upper right and left corner of the battery compartment. This will allow you to remove
the battery strap from the battery. After removing the strap, lift the battery up slightly
with a finger on either side of the battery and slide the battery towards you.This
should allow for easy removal of the battery. To replace the battery, lift the battery up
and slide into the battery compartment until the front of the battery drops down into
the compartment. Replace the battery strap by using the two screws supplied and
tighten until moderate resistance is felt.
The viewing direction indicator is located in the upper left-hand corner of the monitor
screen and utilizes an icon shaped as an arrow to indicate the direction the camera is
pointing. This is accomplished by the use of two magnetic compasses that talk back
and forth through software that continuously calculate the differential.There are two
very important criteria to making the system work accurately: 1).The monitor and
camera have to be level. The sensors will not accommodate an angle greater than ten
degrees.Therefore the monitor needs to be flat on the ice to work properly. If the
monitor is sitting at an angle of more than ten degrees, than the viewing direction
shown will not be accurate.The camera when hung by the cable will be accurate. The
angle of the ice arm over the ice hole will have no bearing on whether the camera is
hanging level. However, if you hold the camera in your hand and are rotating the
camera, it may not be level and therefore you will notice an inaccuracy in the viewing
indicator. 2).The sensors that are located in the monitor and camera are affected by
metal. Like any compass, metal can cause the magnetic sensors to be become
inaccurate. When using the viewing indicator, make sure the monitor and camera are
not located near any metal objects.
The viewing indicator utilizes eight different stop points in calculating viewing direction.
As a result of the limited stop points, there may be some inaccuracies that result when
the camera falls between the various stop points. If used properly, the VS 500 system
provides an excellent reference for determining relative viewing direction.

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