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The door release mechanism can be activated if:
1. somebody rings the doorbell (within 60 seconds and without having
to establish voice communication first); 2. the reply function is on.
Set the doorbell chime
1. Press the speak button.
2. Press the chime button to play the chime set.
3. Press the chime button to play the next chime and repeat this
process until you find the chime you want.
4. Press the speak button to save the chime.
There are 12 different chimes to choose from.
Set the handset volume
Use the handset volume control on the side of the indoor unit to
infinitely adjust the handset volume of the person at the other end.
Set the doorbell volume
The volume can be infinitely set between 0% and 100% using the
doorbell volume control on the mainboard (adjust the volume with
a small screw driver; turning clockwise to increase the volume and
anticlockwise to decrease it).
Be careful not to overtighten the potentiometer.
Disable the doorbell chime (e.g. at night)
The doorbell chime can be disabled. To do this, press the sleep button
on the indoor unit once. The LED below the sleep button flashes red to
show that the chime has been disabled. To activate the chime again,
press the sleep button again; the LED will stop flashing and the chime
will be reactivated.
The optical signal (light surrounding the speak and door release
buttons) remains activated even if the doorbell chime is disabled and
continues to indicate that the doorbell has been pressed.
NOTE: If the VTX-BELL module is used, this will also be
disabled during sleep mode, i.e. the signal from connected
receivers is also disabled.
Activate alarm
The external station can sound an alarm (e.g. if you are being
harassed). To do this, you have to press and hold the alarm button on
the indoor unit. The alarm only sounds if the button is pressed and
held down within 60 seconds after the doorbell was pressed or if voice
communication is established.
If several indoor units are connected in parallel, you can communicate
between these indoor units.
If you press the alarm button when the station is on standby, all indoor
units connected in parallel will sound the alarm. Voice communication
is established if the handset is lifted on one of the ringing indoor units
or the speak button is pressed. To end the call, either put the handset
down or press the speak button.
Operating voltage: 15 V DC
Current consumption: 220 ± 50 mA
Temperature range: -10°C to +50°C
Maximum humidity: 85%
Information regarding CE - Conformity
The functionality of the unit can be affected by the influence of strong
static, electrical or high frequency fields (discharging, mobile phones,
radios, microwaves).
Cleaning and maintenance
Always disconnect mains powered units from the mains supply before
cleaning (disconnect the plug). The unit housing can be cleaned using
a soapy soft cloth. Do not use any abrasive materials or chemicals.
Remove dust build-up from ventilation slits using a brush and clean up
using a vacuum cleaner. Do not hold the vacuum cleaner nozzle directly
against the unit.
Safety instruction
In the event of damage to the housing, connectors, power cables or
isolation shielding, switch off the device immediately and disconnect
from the mains power.
OF LIFE. (Unplug the mains connector from the socket!). Damage
should be repaired immediately by a specialist!
Never carry out repairs yourself!
2 years warranty from date of purchasing, on base of correct using.
The producer is not responsible for consequential damages which are
effected directly or indirectly from this item.
The warranty will be null and void in case of damages arising from
violations of these operating instructions. We are not liable for
consequential damages!
We accept no liability for material damages or injuries arising from
inappropriate use or violation of the safety instructions. In such cases
all warranty claims are null and void!
For reasons of safety and licensing (CE), unauthorised conversion and /
or modification of the product is prohibited.
The design of the product complies with protection class 1. Only a
standard mains socket (230V
/50Hz) of the public mains supply may
be used to power the device. Devices powered by mains voltage must
be kept away from children. Please therefore be particularly careful in
the presence of children.
Do not take the product apart! There is a danger of
lethal electric shock!
Do not leave packaging material lying about since plastic foils and
pockets and polystyrene parts etc. could be lethal toys for children.
The interior units are suitable only for dry interior rooms (not ba-
throoms and other moist places). Do not allow the devices to get moist
or wet. There is a danger of lethal electric shock!
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