User's Instructions

Schedule “By Frequency
Tap “Start Time to adjust the first watering start
time of the day and tap “OK.
Tap “Duration to adjust how long you want to water
and tap “OK
Tap “Frequency to adjust how often you want to
water and tap “OK
The Valve is now ready to water. If using a 2 or 4 zone
Timer, complete scheduling as needed for each Valve
following the same steps.
You can return to the home screen by tapping “< in
the upper left corner. The time until the next watering cycle will display on the
Valve setting screen.
Schedule “By Week Day
Tap Watering Day” to select which days you want
to water.
NOTE: The selected days will be highlighted in yellow. All
days are selected by default.
Ensure Cycle 1 is turned on. (Green)
Tap “Start Time to adjust watering time for that
cycle. Tap “OK.
Tap Watering .retaw ot tnaw uoy gnol woh tsujda ot
Tap “OK.
Watering Cycle 1 is now programmed.
To add additional watering cycles, tap Add. You may
set up to 12 watering cycles on each Valve.
Set "Start Time" and "Watering" as in the previous steps. Tap "OK".
If using a 2 or 4 zone Timer complete scheduling as needed for each valve
following the same steps.
You can return to the home screen by tapping “< in the upper left corner.
The time until the next watering cycle will display on the Valve setting screen.
NOTE: You may deactivate a “Cycle” temporarily (Gray) and reactivate as
needed. Turn on (Green) to resume.
You may permanently delete a cycle by tapping the “Delete button.
Trash icons will appear beside each cycle. Tap the trash can icon to
Manual Watering
There are two ways to turn on the water manually: Directly
from the timer or through the app.
Manual watering from the app:
Tap on the Timer you want to control.
Tap on the Valve that you want to open manually.
Set Manual to turn on (green) the valve. The water
will begin to run.
Tap the time to adjust how long you want to water. Tap
“OK to set. This will become your new default manual
watering time.
The app will show the remaining manual watering
You can cancel Manual Watering at any time by setting
Manual to off (Gray)
Manual watering from the Timer:
Press the yellow button on the Timer above the Valve you want to use.
The Valve will open for the last manual watering time
set in the app. (Default factory setting is 20 minutes)
To stop the water at any time, press the yellow button
above the Valve again.
NOTE: You can turn the water on using the app and off
from the Valve or vice versa.
93016, 93101, 93281
1, 2 & 4 Zone Bluetooth
® Water Timers
An easy and convenient way to manage your lawn and garden watering.
This instruction guide is a universal manual for Melnor 1, 2 and 4 Zone
Bluetoot Water Timers.
User Instructions
Instruction Update
We recommend you download the latest version of these instructions at:
This is: Revision 01
Battery Installation & Assembly
Remove the battery holder from the back of the Timer. Insert AA Alkaline
batteries. Replace the battery holder, making sure that
it is firmly and securely placed in the Timer.
NOTE: Once batteries are in place in the Timer, a green
light will flash twice.
Attach the Timer to an outside faucet and turn water
on slowly. The water must be left on while the Timer is
attached to the faucet for your Timer to operate.
NOTE: Replace batteries when Timer battery indicator
flashes a red light or when the battery icon in the app turns red. Please
use only Alkaline batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries.
Download Melnor BT App
Compatible with Bluetoot4.0 devices
(minimum required iOS 9 or Android V7.0).
Download and install the Melnor BT app from the
Google Play or Apple Store.
Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
and search for Melnor BT or scan the QR code to
download the app.
Make sure Bluetooth® is activated on your smart
phone or tablet.
After the app is installed, tap to launch the app.
NOTE: Your phone must be within 30 feet of the timer to operate the device.
Automatic Watering
Open the Melnor BT app.
or the Timer photo to go to the Valve screen.
or image on the Valve you want to schedule.
Tap Program On/Off to on. (Green)
Tap Watering Mode” to set the scheduling “By
Frequency” or “By Week Day”. Tap Setting to
NOTE: Scheduling “By Frequency” waters at regular
i.e., Every 12 Hours, Every Day, Every 2 Days.
Scheduling “By Week Day allows you to select
specific days to water.
i.e., Monday—Wednesday—Friday;
Sunday—Wednesday; Tuesday only.

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