Form No. 156.3
CAUTION: Use Wrench On Valve Body and
Fitting ONLY!
Do NOT use wrench on this stand pipe! Additional tightening or
loosening will change adjustment of hydrant and could restrict water
ow or may make the hydrant inoperative.
CAUTION: If the hose is attached to nozzle of hydrant when
hydrant is shut o, back siphoning can occur if end of hose is left
in container of liquid. The end of hose must be left open to the air
so hydrant can drain back. Under NO circumstances should
Merrill Yard Hydrants drain back into well or drinking water supply!
Merrill Mfg. disclaims all liability of any kind and voids the hydrant
warranty for installations of this product where it can or could drain back
into a drinking water supply.
Consult with factory if system pressure is over 100 psi before
installation of this product.
NOTE: Questions - Help With Installation - Problems in the Field
CALL (712)-732-2760
Do NOT Dig Up Hydrant - Call MERRILL First
WARNING: This product meets Federal USA Drinking
Water requirements but has not been specically tested
or approved as no-lead in the State of California.
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No Lead
CNL-1000 Series
Yard Hydrant

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