User Manual

The minimum bending radius of the hybrid cable is approximately 45mm, bending the cable
to a smaller radius will irreversibly destroy the cable.
Pay attention to trip hazards; make sure that the cable is installed safely.
Do not leave packaging material lying around carelessly. These may become dangerous
playing material for children.
Protect the product from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, strong jolts, high humidity,
moisture, flammable gases, vapors and solvents.
Do not place the product under any mechanical stress.
If it is no longer possible to operate the product safely, take it out of operation and protect it
from any accidental use. Safe operation can no longer be guaranteed if the product:
is visibly damaged,
is no longer working properly,
has been stored for an extended period in poor ambient conditions or
has been subjected to any serious transport-related stresses.
Please handle the product carefully. Jolts, impacts or a fall even from a low height can
damage the product.
Also observe the safety and operating instructions of any other devices which are connected
to the product.
Consult an expert when in doubt about the operation, safety or connection of the device.
This Install Bay HDMI AOC Cable has many features that enable it to perform in a superior
manner. Among those features you will find:
•Supports HDMI 2.0b specification with data rates up to 18Gbps
•Supports HDCP1.4 & HDCP2.2
•Supports resolutions up to Ultra HD 4K (3840x2160) 60Hz,4:4:4
•Supports computer resolutions including 1080P and 4K2K (60Hz)
•Supports 48 bit color depth (16bit per channel)
•Supports lossless HDMI audio formats like Dolby True HD and DTS-HD, etc.
•Supports ARC, HEC and CEC
•Supports EDID incl. self-detecting function