User Manual

There are no components located inside the product you need to maintain. Never
open/dismantle the product.
Maintenance, modifications and repairs are to be performed exclusively by an expert or at a
qualified shop.
If you have questions which remain unanswered by these operating instructions, contact our
technical support service or other technical personnel.
Before cleaning the product it must be disconnected from all other connected products.
Do not use abrasive or solvents or any aggressive cleaning agents, rubbing alcohol or other
chemical solutions as they can cause damage to the housing and malfunctioning.
To clean the product, a dry, soft and clean cloth is sufficient. Do not apply too much pressure
to the housing as this may cause scratch marks. You can easily remove dust using a
long-haired, soft and clean brush.
Metra Electronics grants 1 year warranty to a new Install Bay HDMI AOC.
As Metra Electronics has no influence on installation, warranty only applies to the product
If any fault or damage is detected on your product, please contact Metra Electronics and
provide your sales slip or invoice as evidence of the purchase, if necessary. Metra
Electronics will repair or replace the faulty cable. You make the work of our technicians
considerably easier, describing possible faults in detail only then you can be assured that
faults, occurring only rarely, will be found and repaired with certainty!
Metra Electronics is not liable for damages to persons or property caused by improper
installation, operation or maintenance, not described in this manual.
Do not alter or modify the product or its accessories.
Any use other than described in this user`s manual is not permitted and causes loss of
warranty, loss of guarantee, and non-liability.