Operating instructions

Connecting the suction hose
and the suction wand
Fit the handpiece of the suction hose
into the suction wand and turn clock
wise or counterclockwise until they
lock together with a click.
To release the handpiece from the
suction wand, press the locking but
ton (see arrow) and pull the hand-
piece apart from the suction wand.
Adjusting the telescopic wand
One part of the telescopic wand is in-
side the other and can be adjusted to
your height for more comfortable vac-
uum cleaning.
To adjust
^ Press the telescopic wand slide con-
trol (see arrow) to release the lock.
Draw out or push in the inner wand to
adjust the height, then release the
slide control. The slide control is
locked in position.
When a resistance is felt it has
reached its maximum length. Do not
force it beyond this length!
Connecting the suction wand
Both sections of the suction wand have
locating arrows.
When connecting the two sections,
ensure that the two arrows point to
ward each other.
Before using for the first time