Operating instructions

Attaching the floor brush
Slide the wand into the floor brush.
To release the floor brush from the
suction wand press the locking but
ton (see arrow) and pull the suction
This floor brush can be used for daily
cleaning of carpets, rugs, and hard sur
One roller keeps the floor brush at the
correct height above the floor during
vacuuming. Occasional contact with a
hard surface, will not harm the floor as
the base plate material is scratch resis-
Vacuum carpets and rugs with the
brush retracted:
^ Press the foot switch marked g.
Clean hard flooring with the brush pro-
^ Press the foot switch marked h.
For hard floors, like stone, the Miele
hard floor brush is recommended and
for floors susceptible to scratching (e.g.
parquet, floorboards and tiled floors)
the Miele Parquet floor brush (see "Op
tional accessories").
Electrobrush / Turbobrush
Some models may be supplied with an
Electrobrush or a Turbobrush as a stan
dard accessory as well as or instead of
a normal floor brush (see "Optional ac
Please refer to the Operating Instruc
tions supplied with the brushes for in
structions on use and maintenance.
Before using for the first time