Operating instructions

Automatic setting
If the Automatic setting is chosen the
vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts
the suction power to suit the surface
being cleaned. This ensures the correct
power setting for the type of floor or
carpet being cleaned.
Keep pressing the control until the
Automatic setting is activated.
Press the + control to deactivate the
Automatic setting.
The Automatic setting is de
signed for use on carpets and floors
. Do not vacuum light weight arti-
cles such as curtains or throw rugs
using the Automatic setting.
Excessive suction may damage
these items.
Opening the air inlet valve
Opening the air inlet valve allows you to
reduce the suction power quickly and
easily for brief periods. This is useful if
you have accidentally vacuumed up
something too large, or when moving
from cleaning a carpeted floor to a
lightweight rug. Reducing the suction
will prevent the object or rug from being
sucked up and causing a blockage.
Open the air inlet valve far enough to
reduce the power. If necessary, re
move any blockage, close the valve
and continue vacuuming.