Operating instructions

The Park-System has been designed
for conveniently parking the vacuum
cleaner during pauses, as well as for
easy carrying and storage. A special
parking attachment is fitted to all floor
brushes including the Electrobrush.
Insert the lower clip of the floor brush
into the slot on the end of the vacuum
from above (see illustration).
Turning on and off with the
Parking the floor brush while vacuum-
ing automatically turns off the vacuum.
Lifting the floor brush out of the Park-
System turns the vacuum back on.
If your vacuum cleaner is equipped
with +/- suction power selector controls
you can deactivate or activate the
Park-System’s On-Off feature.
^ Turn off the vacuum using the On/Off
Hold the + and - buttons simulta
neously and turn the vacuum on us
ing the On/Off button.
Transportation and storage
Stand the vacuum cleaner vertically.
Insert both clips of the floor brush
into the two point holder on the side
of the vacuum.
This makes the vacuum cleaner easier
to carry or store.
Setting down, transportation and storage