Operating instructions

Do not leave the appliance when
plugged in. Turn off and unplug the
appliance before opening the cover.
The Miele filter system consists of three
filters which must be replaced from time
to time to ensure efficient suction.
Dustbag (filter bag)
Exhaust filter
Dust compartment filter (for motor
Use only genuine Miele dustbags
and filters, making sure they are the
correct ones for your model. This en-
sures optimum performance of the
suction power and also ensures that
the bag is used to capacity.
Purchasing new dustbags and
Dustbags and filters can be purchased
from your local Miele Dealer.
Order original Miele dustbags with the
F/J/M for models S 500 - S 548
G/N for models S 600 - S 648.
Always quote the model number given
on the data plate located underneath
the appliance.
A "SUPER air clean" exhaust filter and a
dust compartment filter are supplied
with every box of Miele dustbags.
If you wish to purchase exhaust filters
or dust compartment filters separately,
please quote the model number of your
appliance when ordering.
You can replace the exhaust filter sup-
plied with the vacuum cleaner with one
of the other types of filters (see "Re-
placing one type of filter with another").
Only use genuine Miele double-
layer dustbags and filters. Technical
failures and damage from the use of
substitute, inferior dustbags and fil
ters will void any product warranty.
Maintenance and care