Operating instructions

When to change the dustbag
Change the dustbag when the colored
marker in the dustbag change indicator
fills the display.
The dustbags are disposable and in
tended to be used only once. Do not
attempt to reuse as suction would be
Checking the dustbag change
Attach the floor brush to the vacuum
cleaner. Only test with the floor brush,
since other attachments can affect
the function of the dustbag change
^ Turn the vacuum on and select the
highest power setting.
^ Lift the floor brush off the floor a little.
If the marker completely fills the indi-
cator window, then the bag needs to
be changed.
How the dustbag change indicator
The indicator is designed to show when
the bag is full and works by measuring
the air permeability of the dustbag.
Normal household dust is a mixture of
dust, hair, carpet fluff, threads, grit etc.
However, if fine dust, such as plaster,
brick dust, cement or flour is vacuumed
the pores of the dustbag will become
blocked. The marker will indicate that
the bag is "full" even when it is not. In
this instance the dustbag must be
changed as suction power is reduced
when the pores of the dustbag are
If a large quantity of hair, wool or carpet
fluff is vacuumed, the dustbag change
indicator may not register "full" even
though the bag is full. This is because
the air permeability of the dustbag may
still be high enough not to activate the
marker to show maximum. The dustbag
should still be changed.
Maintenance and care