Operating instructions

Disposal of the packing mate
The box and packaging material are
designed to protect the appliance dur
ing shipping and are biodegradable
and recyclable. Please dispose of
these items as you would any other re
cyclable products.
Disposal of an old vacuum
Before discarding an old vacuum
cleaner, please cut off the power cord
to render it inoperative and child resis
tant. Old vacuum cleaners may contain
materials that can be reused or recy
cled. Consult your local waste removal
company or recycling center for the
proper way to dispose of an old vac
Disposal of the dustbag and fil
Genuine Miele dustbags and filters are
made from environmentally friendly ma-
terials. They can be thrown out with
your household trash, provided the vac-
uum has not been used on restricted
Help protect our environment