Operating instructions

Replacing the dustbag
Open the dust compartment lid.
The dustbag has a flap which closes
automatically when the dustbag is re-
moved to prevent any dust escaping.
^ Grasp the card collar by the two fin-
ger holes and pull it out from the
dustbag holder.
It can then be thrown out with the
household trash as long as it has not
been used for vacuuming restricted
Do not unfold the dustbag when you
take it out of the box. Keeping it folded
will prevent it from getting caught when
the dust compartment lid is closed.
To insert a new dustbag, push the
collar securely into the frame as far
as it will go. If it is not inserted prop
erly the dust compartment lid will not
Close the dust compartment lid firmly
until it clicks into place.
Maintenance and care