Operating instructions

Exhaust filter change indicator
Some models are equipped with an ex
haust filter change indicator (Reset but
ton 7) which is designed for the
change cycle of an ACTIVE air clean or
an ACTIVE HEPA filter. The indicator
lights up after about 50 hours of opera
tion which is equivalent to a year of av
erage use.
The vacuum cleaner can still be used
with the exhaust filter indicator lit. How
ever, the suction power will be reduced
as will the effectiveness of the filter if it
is not replaced.
If a SUPER air clean filter is being used,
the filter change indicator can be disre-
garded but should be reset when it
does light.
Resetting the filter change indicator
The filter change indicator (Reset but-
ton 7), must be reset each time the fil-
ter is replaced. To do this the vacuum
cleaner must be plugged in.
Press on the filter change indicator
light until it goes out. The display is
now back in the starting position.
Maintenance and care