Operating instructions

Do not leave the vacuum cleaner
plugged in. Unplug from the outlet
when not in use and before service.
Vacuum cleaner and accessories
External surfaces of the vacuum
cleaner and of the accessories can be
cleaned with a damp cloth or with a
cleaner specifically for plastics.
Do not use an abrasive cleaner,
a glass cleaner or an all-purpose
cleaner. Because of their chemical
composition they could damage the
plastic casing.
Dust compartment
The dust compartment can be cleaned
using another vacuum, if available, or a
dry cloth or brush.
Monitor the change dustbag indicator
and inspect all filters regularly. Clean or
replace them when necessary accord-
ing to the Operating Instructions.
Never immerse the vacuum
cleaner in water. If moisture gets into
the appliance there is a risk of elec
tric shock.
Cleaning and care