Operating instructions

ACTIVE air clean filter
(standard on select models)
This is a special active charcoal filter
which absorbs odors from the dust col
lected in the dustbag helping to pre
vent odors.
The "ACTIVE air clean filter" is used in
place of the SUPER air clean filter.
There is no difference in filtration level
between the ACTIVE air clean filter and
the SUPER air clean filter. See "Re
placing one type of filter with another".
Do not use aroma capsules in the vac
uum with this filter inserted.
(standard on select models)
The ACTIVE HEPA Filter is a combina
tion Activated Charcoal - HEPA filter in
one. In addition to meeting OSHA stan
dards for air filtration, it will also absorb
any odors existing in the dust.
Because of its ability to filter out 99.7%
of particles and micro-organisms
0.0003 mm (0.3 microns) or larger in
size, vacuum cleaners equipped with
this type of exhaust filter are often rec
ommended for allergy sufferes or others
with respiratory problems.
Optional accessories