Operating instructions

a Handpiece
b Air inlet valve
c Locking button
d Telescopic wand *
e Telescopic wand release button *
f Socket for Electrobrush (select models)
g Dust compartment lid catch
h Dust compartment filter (motor protection)
i Dustbag
j Floor brush *
k Carrying handle
l Suction wand holder
m Exhaust filter *
n Power cord with plug **
o Automatic cord rewind switch
p Suction power selector *
q Park-System
r Exhaust filter change indicator (Reset button 7) *
s Overheating warning light , *
t On-Off switch
u Accessories compartment
v Dustbag change indicator
w Release button for accessories compartment
x Elbow
y Suction hose
** Plug may vary depending on country
Description of the appliance