Operating instructions

Do not put any objects into the
openings. Do not use with any
opening blocked, keep free of dust, lint,
hair and anything that may reduce air
Do not use the vacuum cleaner to
pick up liquids, as this could impair
the electrical safety of the appliance.
This applies to freshly shampooed car
pets. Wait until they dry.
Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers
and all parts of the body away from
openings and moving parts.
When vacuuming with the Miele
Electro- or Turbobrush, do not
touch the rotating brush.
Do not pick up anything that is
burning or smoking, such as ciga-
rettes, matches, or hot ashes.
Do not use without the dustbag
and / or filters in place.
Turn off all controls before
Use extra care when cleaning on
Floor attachments accessories and
wands must not be used at head
level to avoid injury to eyes and ears.
Do not use to pick up flammable
or combustible liquids, such as
gasoline, or use in areas where fumes
may be present.
Do not vacuum toner dust. Toner,
such as that used in printers and
photocopiers can conduct electricity.
When using the appliance with an
Electrobrush and a current-carry
ing hose:
The hose contains electrical wires. Do
not use if damaged, cut or punctured.
Avoid picking up sharp objects.
Always turn off the appliance before
connecting or disconnecting either the
hose or the Electrobrush.
The socket on the vacuum cleaner
(depending on model) must only
be used for the Miele Electrobrush
specified for use with this appliance.
Check with your dealer for details.
This appliance is equipped with a
power cord reel:
Hold the plug when rewinding onto the
cord reel. Do not allow the plug to whip
while rewinding.
When using this appliance with the
Always unplug before connecting the
Use only attachments specified by
Miele. Do not use the blower to op
erate paint sprayers or similar devices
that emit volatile or toxic vapors.
To aid the vacuum in dissipating
heat during extended operation
(longer than 1 hour), the Auto-Reverse
feature (if so equipped) should be
turned off and the power cord should
be unwound from the cable reel at least
two thirds of the way.
Monitor the dustbag change indi
cator and inspect all filters regu
larly. To ensure efficient suction,
clean or replace them when necessary
according to the operating instructions.