Porcelain/Ceramic Care and Maintenance
What is Porcelain/Ceramic?
Daily Maintenance
Versatile, affordable and elegant, porcelain and ceramic surfaces are innovative products that are gaining popularity
amongst homeowners, builders and interior designers. Created from super-ne clay and red at a high temperature
(higher temperature in case of porcelain tiles), the surfaces are dense and tough enough to stand up to today’s demanding
applications both indoors and out. Available surfaces come in a range of glazed/unglazed, highly glossy/rened and in
rough textures, not only to emulate natural stones, but bring a contemporary or modern feel to any scene.
Note - The suggestions mentioned above are for general practice. In case of a particular project, it is recommended that a
professional installer/fabricator/restorer is consulted. It is also recommend that cleaning solutions are tried in an isolated
area to check for desired results. MSI disclaims any liability towards the use of any care & maintenance products.
Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are easy to clean and require low maintenance.
Following are some of the common guidelines for day to day maintenance of ceramic/porcelain surfaces :
Remove all debris using an untreated dust mop, soft bristle broom or vacuum
Follow by damp mopping with clean warm water
On polished surfaces, dust mop oors frequently in order to avoid surface abrasion from the grit of the dust particles
For moderately soiled oors,
Use neutral cleaners to agitate surface
Avoid cleaning solutions containing oils, fats or acids
Follow directions provided by the manufacturer of cleaners for proper application and dilution
Allow the cleaner to properly suspend the dirt
For heavily soiled oors,
On an isolated part of the surface to be cleaned, use a natural-bristle brush, nylon scrubbing pad or oor machine
Use a degreaser in areas where necessary
Thoroughly rinse the surface with clean warm water using a mop or a wet-vac
Towel dry or buff tiles to prevent spots/streaks and to enhance the surface sheen

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