User guide

A. Features
• Superior resolution 3 1/2 digit LCD
• Accuracy of ±1% of full scale
• All electrodes are internal for maximum protection
• Latest electrode cell technology
• Water resistant
• Autoranging Conductivity/TDS
• Easy calibration
• User selectable Conductivity/TDS modes
• 3 “User Selectable” solution conversions (tempcos)
• Temperature Accuracy of ±1° C/F
B. General Specifications
Display 3 1/2 Digit LCD
Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.7x2.7x2.5 in.
196x68x64 mm
Weight 10.1oz./290g
Case Material ABS
Cond/TDS Cell Material ABS
Cond/TDS Cell Capacity 0.2 oz./5 ml
Power 9V Alkaline Battery
Battery Life >100 Hours/5000 Readings
Operating/Storage Temperature 32-132°F/0-55°C
Protection Ratings IP64/NEMA 3
C. Specification Chart
D. Warranty/Service
The Myron L AR1 has a limited two year warranty. If an instrument fails to
operate properly, see Troubleshooting Chart, pg. 13. The battery is user-
replaceable. For other service, return the instrument prepaid to the
Myron L Company.
If, in the opinion of the factory, failure was due to materials or
workmanship, repair or replacement will be made without charge. A
reasonable service charge will be made for diagnosis or repairs due to
normal wear, abuse or tampering. This warranty is limited to the repair or
replacement of the AR1 only. The Myron L Company assumes no other
responsibility or liability.
E. TechPro™ Series Models
Additional information available on our web site at:
2 3
TechPro Series Models pH1 AR1 ARH1
Parameters pH Conductivity or TDS, Conductivity or TDS,
& Temperature & Temperature pH & Temperature
2450 Impala Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92010
AR1 Conductivity TDS Temperature
Ranges 0-1999 µS 0-1999 ppm 0-71° C
2-19.99 mS 2-19.99 ppt 32 - 160° F
in 3 autoranges in 3 autoranges
Resolution 0.1 (<200 µS) 0.1 (<200 ppm) 0.1° C/F
1 (<2000 µS) 1 (<2000 ppm)
0.01 (>2 mS) 0.01 (>2 ppt)
Accuracy ±1% of Full Scale ±1.0° C/F
Auto Temperature 0-71° C
Compensation 32 - 160° F
Conductivity or KCl, NaCl or 442™
TDS Ratios