12" I2C Cable Schematic

I²C Cable Connection
Out from Master Device
Out to Next Device
In From Previous Device
In to Slave Device
Note: Master I²C Devices such as the
controller shown (left) include 4.7K Pull-Up
Resistors. All ControlEverything.com Slave
devices have 4.7K Pull-Up jumper options,
though they will not be needed if using our
line of Master devices.
Remember: The Brown Wire
carries the Ground. Outputs
Always Connect to Inputs.
Note: All ControlEverything.com Master Devices
(above) provide a regulated +5V on the I²C Port.
Slave Devices: (right)
Offer functionality, but
do not have an on-
board processor.
Mater Devices: (below)
Include an on-board
processor programmed
to generate I²C signals.

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