Installation Sheet

General Characteristics
In case of instantaneous heaters, hot water flow has to at least meet flow required by
heater and maintain burning. (Specified by heater manufacturer)
Operating Specifications
Hot water supply temperature:
Maximum: 185°F (85°C).
Note 1 :Maximum temperature through this valve is limited by that of the hot water
supply (up to a maximum of 120°F when accurately calibrated).
Note 2: Minimum difference between hot and mixed temperature is 18°F (10°C).
Cold water supply temperature:
Minimum: 41°F (5°C)
Operating Pressure:
Maximum: 80 PSI
Minimum: 20 PSI
Operating pressure (on hot and cold line) should be kept as balanced as possible in order
to assure maximum efficiency.
When the pressure is greater than 80 PSI, a pressure reducer is required. To be fitted
before valve.
Technical Data
The temperature control knob is graduated from 75°F to 120°F with auto stop at 100° to
avoid scalding.
Temperature limit setting of less than 120°F
Fit a stop valve/volume control between thermo valve outlet and end devise(s).
Plumbing Recommendations
An independent water supply for both hot and cold is required. Do not pipe off ring main.
Large runs of pipe work will cause frictional loss of pressure.
The recommended main water supply piping to valve shall be 3/4” minimum
If more than one valve is installed, the recommended main water supply piping to valve
shall be 1” minimum, reducing to 3/4” within 24” of each valve.
(Ensure adequate supply from both hot and cold water can be maintained.)
Water By-Laws
The mixing valve should be installed in compliance with the water by-laws. For further
details refer to the latest copy of by-laws guide or your local water authority.