Installation Sheet

III. Installing Trim & Temperature
1. Remove and discard mud cover and screws.
2. Slide sleeve over valve body with grooved notch to topside.
3. Slide cover plate with gasket over sleeve and attach with decorative screws provided
(See Fig. 4).
4. Orient and position stop ring as shown below (See Fig. 5).
5. Open shut-off valve and verify water temperature at outlet device by using a thermometer.
NOTE: The safe and factory set temperature is 100°F. If the temperature needs to be adjust-
ed follow step 6, otherwise skip to step 7.
6. Rotate cartridge stem to adjust temperature:
(clockwise = colder or counterclockwise = hotter)
7. Place bonnet onto cartridge stem with red button (100°F) positioned straight up and inline
with notch on the sleeve (See Fig. 6).
8. Secure bonnet in place with long flat head screw.
9. Place decorative handle onto stem and secure with setscrew.
Fig. 4
Stop ring
Fig. 5
Fig. 6