Instructions / Assembly

The advanced console offers an array of features
designed to make your workouts more effective and
When you use the manual mode of the console, you
can change the resistance of the pedals with the touch
of a button. While you exercise, the console will display
continuous exercise feedback. You can also measure
your heart rate using the handgrip heart rate monitor.
The console offers a selection of onboard workouts.
Each workout automatically changes the resistance of
the pedals as it guides you through an effective work-
out. You can also set a calorie, distance, or time goal.
The console also features an iFit mode that enables
the console to communicate with your wireless network
through an optional iFit module. With the iFit mode,
you can download personalized workouts, create your
own workouts, track your workout results, race against
other iFit users, and access many other features.
To purchase an iFit module at any time, go to or call the telephone number on the
front cover of this manual.
You can even connect your MP3 player or CD player
to the console sound system and listen to your favorite
music or audio books while you exercise.
To use the manual mode, see this page. To use the
sound system, see page 19. To use an onboard
workout, see page 20. To use a set-a-goal work-
out, see page 21. To use an iFit workout, see page
22. To change console settings, see page 24.
Note: If there is a sheet of plastic on the display,
remove the plastic.
1. Begin pedaling or press any button on the
console to turn on the console.
When you turn on the console, the display will turn
on. The console will then be ready for use.
2. Select the manual mode.
Press the Home button or press either the Speed
button or the Calorie button repeatedly to select the
manual mode.
If a wireless iFit module is not inserted into the con-
sole and connected to iFit, the manual mode will be
selected automatically.
3. Change the resistance of the pedals as desired.
As you pedal, change the resistance of the pedals
by pressing the Resistance increase and decrease
buttons or by pressing one of the numbered
Resistance buttons.
Note: After you press a button, it will take a
moment for the pedals to reach the selected resis-
tance level.
4. Follow your progress with the display.
The display can show the following workout
Calories (Cals.)—This display mode will show the
approximate number of calories you have burned.
Calories per Hour (Cals./Hr)—This display mode
will show the approximate number of calories you
are burning per hour.