Instructions / Assembly

1. Begin pedaling or press any button on the
console to turn on the console.
When you turn on the console, the display will turn
on. The console will then be ready for use.
2. Select an onboard workout.
To select an onboard workout, press the Speed
button or the Calorie button repeatedly until the
desired workout appears in the display.
When you select an onboard workout, the display
will show the duration of the workout and the name
of the workout. A profile of the speed settings of the
workout will appear in the matrix.
The maximum resistance level and the maximum
speed for the workout will also appear in the
3. Begin pedaling to start the workout.
Each workout is divided into one-minute seg-
ments. One resistance level and one target speed
is programmed for each segment. Note: The same
resistance level and/or target speed may be pro-
grammed for consecutive segments.
During the
the profile
on the
tab will
show your
The flashing segment of the profile represents the
current segment of the workout. The height of the
flashing segment indicates the target speed for the
current segment.
At the end of each segment of the workout, a
series of tones will sound and the next segment of
the profile will begin to flash. If a different resis-
tance level and/or target speed is programmed for
the next segment, the resistance level and/or target
speed will appear in the display for a few seconds
to alert you. The resistance of the pedals will then
As you exercise, you will be prompted to keep your
pedaling speed near the target speed for the cur-
rent segment. When an upward-pointing arrow
appears in the display, increase your pedal-
ing speed. When a downward-pointing arrow
appears, decrease your pedaling speed. When
no arrow appears, maintain your current pedaling
IMPORTANT: The target speed is intended only
to provide motivation. Your actual pedaling
speed may be slower than the target speed.
Make sure to pedal at a speed that is comfort-
able for you.
If the resistance level for the current segment is
too high or too low, you can manually override
the setting by pressing the Resistance buttons.
IMPORTANT: When the current segment of the
workout ends, the pedals will automatically
adjust to the resistance level programmed for
the next segment.
The workout will continue in this way until the last
segment ends. To stop the workout at any time,
stop pedaling. The time will flash in the display. To
resume the workout, simply resume pedaling.
4. Follow your progress with the display.
See step 4 on page 17.
5. Measure your heart rate if desired.
See step 5 on page 18.
6. Turn on the fan if desired.
See step 6 on page 19.
7. When you are finished exercising, the console
will turn off automatically.
See step 7 on page 19.