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NordicTrack 50 Lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Pair with Storage Tray
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When you purchase a pair of NordicTrack Adjustable dumbbells, you bring the gym into the
comfort of your own home. Maximize your storage space by replacing a full weight rack with
these NordicTrack adjustable dumbbells, decluttering your home gym and getting the most out
of your workout. Engage your arms with bicep curls and tricep extensions, build your quads,
hamstrings, and glutes with lunges and squats, and target your back with Good Mornings and
deadlifts for a comprehensive full-body workout. Your NordicTrack dumbbells give you the ability
to choose between 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50-pounds - whether you’re warming up or engaged in a
difficult compound lift, these weights have got you covered. Easily select your desired weight
and get lifting, adjusting weight values as you go without losing focus on your set. When you are
finished with your strength-training routine, simply place your dumbbells back in their included
storage trays to secure them until their next use.
Product Highlights - bulleted: (119 words)
5-in-1 Dumbbell Set
These adjustable weights replace five sets of dumbbells, maximizing your home
storage space and helping you keep your home-gym clutter free
Your NordicTrack dumbbells will get you through your whole weight-lifting
experience, from warm up to cool down
Plastic Storage Tray Included
Easily keep your weight secured when not in use with an included plastic storage
Each tray is clearly marked with weight values, making it easy to know exactly
how much you are lifting
10-Pound Increments
Adjust between 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 pounds, finding the perfect resistance for
your current fitness level or exercise
Smooth Selector System
Keep your focus on lifting and adjust your weight value with ease in between sets

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