Your new Omega Juicer may very well prove to be the most
important small appliance purchase you have ever made! With proper
care, your Omega Juicer will provide you with years of dependable
service, helping to ensure your continued good health and vitality . . .
and that of your family.
It is important that you take a few moments to read the following
instructions and suggestions to get the most out of your Omega Juicer
and to completely understand what it can do. Your Omega Juicer is
simple to operate and maintain. It has been constructed of the highest-
quality material and all-stainless steel parts, built to provide a lifetime
of delicious, healthful fresh fruit and vegetable drinks.
We feel confident that your Omega Juicer will provide you
with many years of satisfaction as you continually extract nature’s
most valued and vital nutrients from its most cherished and purest
fruits and vegetables.
Should you ever encounter a problem with the Omega Juicer,
contact us immediately. We stand behind the juicer to guarantee
customer satisfaction completely.
We simply believe that your Omega Juicer is the most technically
advanced, top quality appliance you may ever purchase. Our
responsibility doesnt stop with your purchase of the juicer. It just
begins. Your good health is our greatest objective.
With that in mind, go to it! Enjoy a lifetime of natures most
abundant and freshest juices created by you and the Omega Juicer.
And feel GREAT.
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