Operation Manual

We do not recommend using the Oral-B FlossAction or Oral-B
3DWhite brush head with braces. You may use the Oral-B Ortho
brush head, specifically designed to clean around braces and wires.
Pressure Sensor
Helping protect your teeth and gums from hard brushing, your
toothbrush has a pressure control feature installed. If too much
pressure is applied, the red pressure sensor light (b) will light up,
reminding you to reduce pressure (picture 4) (depending on model).
In addition the movement of the brush head will continue but its
pulsation will stop and you will also hear a different sound while
brushing. Periodically check the operation of the pressure sensor
by pressing lightly on the brush head during use.
Professional Timer
A short stuttering sound at 30-second intervals reminds you to brush
equally all four quadrants of your mouth (picture 3). A long stuttering
sound indicates the end of the professionally recommended 2-minute
brushing time. The elapsed brushing time is memorised even when
the handle is briefly switched off during brushing. When pausing
longer than 30 seconds the timer resets.
In the first days of using any electric toothbrush, your gums may
bleed slightly. In general, bleeding should stop after a few days.
Should it persist after 2 weeks, please consult your dentist or dental
hygienist. If you have sensitive teeth and/or gums, Oral-B recom-
mends using the «Sensitive» mode (depending on model).
Cleaning recommendations
After brushing, rinse your brush head carefully under running water for
some seconds with the handle switched on. Switch off the handle and
remove the brush head.
Clean both parts separately under running water then wipe them dry
before reassembling the toothbrush. Disassemble charging unit before
cleaning. Never place the charger in dishwasher or water; it should
be cleaned with a damp cloth only. Brush head holder, brush head
compartment and protective cover are dishwasher-safe (picture 7).
Subject to change without notice.
Environmental Notice
Product contains batteries and/or recyclable electric waste. For
environment protection do not dispose in household waste, but
for recycling take to electric waste collection points provided in
your country.
30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Take the Oral-B 30 day Challenge: Satisfaction guaranteed or your
money back!
Full details at www.oralb.com or call:
GB 0800 731 1792
IE 1800 509 448
We grant 2 years limited guarantee on the product commencing on the
date of purchase. Within the guarantee period we will eliminate, free of
charge, any defects in the appliance resulting from faults in materials or
workmanship, either by repairing or replacing the complete appliance
as we may choose. This guarantee extends to every country where this
appliance is supplied by Braun or its appointed distributor.
This guarantee does not cover: damage due to improper use, normal
wear or use, especially regarding the brush heads, as well as defects
that have a negligible effect on the value or operation of the appliance.
The guarantee becomes void if repairs are undertaken by unauthorised
persons and if original Braun parts are not used.
To obtain service within the guarantee period, hand in or send the
complete appliance with your sales receipt to an authorised Oral-B
Braun Service Centre.
This guarantee in no way affects your rights under statutory law.
Votre brosse à dents Oral-B
a été conçue avec le plus grand soin
pour vous offrir, à vous et à votre famille, une expérience de brossage
unique, efficace et sûre.
Vérifiez régulièrement que le cordon
d’alimentation ne soit pas endommagé. Si
le produit est endommagé ou fonctionne
mal, il ne doit plus être utilisé. Si le cordon
d’alimentation est endommagé, rapportez
le chargeur dans un Centre Service Agréé
Oral-B. Ne cherchez pas à modifier ni à
réparer le produit. Cela pourrait être cause
d’incendie, de décharge électrique ou de
Cet appareil n’est pas destiné pour être
utilisé par des enfants de moins de 3 ans.
Cet appareil peut être utilisé par des en-
fants de 3 à 14 ans et des personnes dont
les capacités physiques, sensorielles ou
mentales sont réduites, ou par des per-
sonnes dénuées d’expérience ou de
connaissance, si elles ont pu bénéficier,
par l’intermédiaire d’une personne respon-
sable de leur sécurité, d’une surveillance
ou d’instructions préalables concernant
l’utilisation de l’appareil de manière sûre, et
qu’elles ont compris les risques encourus
par l’utilisation de l’appareil.
Le nettoyage et l’entretien ne doivent pas
être assurés par des enfants.
Il convient de surveiller les enfants pour
s’assurer qu’ils ne jouent pas avec l’appareil.
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