RedBeam II LED
#5755 Adjustable Brightness Astro Flashlight
The RedBeam II LED is a
handy tool for the amateur
astronomer. It has two LEDs
(light emitting diodes) for max-
imum light emission and a
thumbwheel to adjust bright-
ness. Turn the brightness up
to walk around your observing
site in the dark, or dim it down
to read a star chart under the darkest of skies; you’ll be able to see
in all situations without fear of losing precious night vision.
Rotate the thumbwheel forward until you hear a click and the
LEDs turn on. Further rotating the thumbwheel forward will cause
the LEDs to brighten. Find the position of the thumbwheel that
provides adequate brightness for your observing situation. To turn
the RedBeam II off, rotate the thumbwheel backwards until you
hear a click.
Place the nylon cord around your neck for a convenient way to
carry the flashlight. The cord will also prevent the flashlight from
dropping to the ground in the dark.
The RedBeam II uses a single 9-volt battery. Lithium batteries
typically last longer than alkaline batteries, but any battery you
choose will give relatively long life due to the small current draw
of the LEDs.
Changing the batteries
When the LEDs refuse to emit at the desired brightness, it is time
to change the battery. To replace the battery, first remove the front
cap from the flashlight. Do this by depressing the tab located just in
front of the thumbwheel while pulling the front cap off. Now, rotate
the thumbwheel as far forward as it will go (the LEDs will be at
maximum brightness). Continue pushing the thumbwheel forward
until the circuit board begins to slide out of the flashlight. Grasp
the front of the exposed circuit board and carefully pull it from the
unit. Remove the battery from the battery terminals and replace it
with a fresh one. Seat the circuit board back into the flashlight and
replace the front cap. You will not need to change the battery again
for quite some time.
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One-Year Limited Warranty
The Orion RedBeam II LED is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from
the date of purchase. This warranty is for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only. During this warranty period
Orion Telescopes & Binoculars will repair or replace, at Orion’s option, any warranted instrument that proves to be
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If the product is not registered, proof of purchase (such as a copy of the original invoice) is required.
This warranty does not apply if, in Orion’s judgment, the instrument has been abused, mishandled, or modified,
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