Thank you for purchasing our Product.
While unpacking your unit, please use the Packing Check List on the opposite page to confirm receipt of all pieces.
If you notice any external or internal freight damage to any pieces upon delivery, please mark on the Carrier ’s
Delivery Receipt 'Visible Freight Damage Found'. If you discover there are missing or mis-manufactured pieces or pieces dam-
aged during shipping, please notify Outdoor Living Today’s Customer Support Center at 1-888-658-1658.
It is our policy to replace any missing, mis-manufactured or freight damaged pieces within 10 business days of this notifi-
cation. Replacement parts will not be provided free of charge 30 days after receipt of delivery. If you find you can take delivery
but cannot unpack the unit for several weeks, please contact our Customer Service Center at
1-888-658-1658 to request an extension of our grace period.
If the unit is unpacked and left outside, please use the plastic shipping bag to cover and protect the unit from the
elements. Doing so will prevent unnecessary weathering, twisting and checking of the product.
While unpacking the unit, be sure to locate your Detailed Home Owners Assembly Manual. Please read carefully and become
familiar with the assembly requirements prior to starting your project. After assembly, be sure to
complete and return the enclosed questionnaire - there will be a prize draw at the end of the year! See questionnaire for details.
Finally, we have also included a complimentary gift of a Western Red Cedar Grilling Plank (found in the Assembly Manual
Package). At your next Barbeque, use the Cedar Plank the way Native Americans did 100’s of years ago in the Pacific Northwest!
Enjoy your gift - it's on us.
Important Information for Home Owner!
Please Read Carefully Prior to Unpacking Unit
Please Read Now
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