6x6 Little Squirt Playhouse
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Assembly Manual
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In the event of a missing or broken piece, simply call the Outdoor Living Today Customer
Support Line @ 1-888-658-1658 within 30 days of the delivery of your purchase. It is our
commitment to you to courier replacement parts, free of charge, within 10 business days of
this notification. Replacement parts will not be provided free of charge after the 30 day grace
Safety Point
s and Other Considerations
Our products are built for use based on
proper installation and normal residential
use, on level ground. Please follow the
instruction manual when building your
Playhouse and retain the manual for future
maintenance purposes.
Some of the safety and usage measures you may wish
to consider include:
-snow load ratings vary by geographical location. If heavy or wet snowfall occurs, it is advisable to sweep the
snow off the roof(s)
-if the product is elevated, any structural and building code requirements are solely the customer's
responsibility, and should be abided by
-in high or gusty wind conditions it is advisable to keep the structure securely grounded
-have a regular maintenance plan to ensure screws, doors, windows and parts are tight
Customers agree to hold Outdoor Living Today and any Authorized Dealers free of any
liability for improper installation, maintenance and repair of any products sold by
Outdoor Living Today.
Revision #5
April 17th, 2012
Thank you for purchasing
a 6x6 Little Squirt Playhouse.
Please take the time to
identify all the parts prior
to assembly.

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