The drive is pre-formatted as Mac OS Extended, which is
compatible with Mac. To use the drive with Windows, reformat
the drive as NTFS, FAT32, exFAT.
For users who wish to reformat the drive, please visit our
website for instructions.
To reformat using Windows:
To reformat using MAC OS:
Note: The drive can be used with both Windows and Mac
systems by formatting the drive as “MS-DOS (FAT32)., or exFAT.
Instructions are provided in the Mac OS link above.
(4) Formatting the Drive (5) Using the Drive
Using the drive with the included software
The drive includes software (via download) that allows you to
easily backup your important les. The software is not required in
order to use the drive. To install the software, simply follow the
steps on the included glossy card.
Using the drive without software
1) Look for the external drive on the Desktop or Finder (Mac).
2) Click and hold down the mouse button on the le/folder that you
want to copy to the drive.
3) Drag the mouse over the icon representing the external drive.
4) Let go of the mouse button and the le will copy to the drive.
5) The task is complete. This is known as a "drag-and-drop" action.
Using the drive with Time Machine (Mac 10.5 and above)
1) Make sure the drive is formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
as described in the “Formatting the Drive section.
2) Go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences and click on the
Time Machine icon. The Time Machine panel will then launch.
3) Click On to enable Time Machine.
4) Select the external drive and choose “Use for Backup.
5) You can set additional options by clicking the Options button.
6) Time Machine is now backing up your Mac automatically to the
external drive.
(6) Disconnecting the Drive
(7) Warranty Information
(8) Safety Information
The disk drive is a delicate electronic device and is susceptible
to damage due to excessive physical shock.
Please handle the unit with care.
This product includes a three (3) year repair/replacement
warranty provided by Oyen Digital. This warranty is non-
transferable and is limited to the original purchaser. Warranty
service may be requested by completing the form at the
following link:
For our complete warranty policy, visit:
MAC: Close all windows and applications that are accessing the
drive. Drag the external drive to the Trash/Eject icon to dismount it.
After the disk icon has disappeared from the desktop, you may
safely disconnect the external drive.
Windows: Close all windows and applications that are accessing
the drive. Click the green “Eject Hardware (Safely Remove
Hardware) icon in the system tray and highlight the external drive.
Wait for a few seconds until the system prompts “You may safely
remove this device.
(3) Connecting the Drive
Connecting the drive:
1) Connect the USB cable to a USB port on your computer.
2) Wait 5-20 seconds for the computer to recognize the drive.
3) The drive is now ready for use.
• Front USB ports on a desktop may not be able to provide
adequate power.
• If connecting to a USB Hub, make sure it is a powered Hub (one
that uses an AC adapter).
• A USB port on a PCI card, ExpressCard, or PowerBook may not be
able to provide enough power. To increase the power provided to
the drive, you may purchase the USB 3.0 y-cable here:
Format Mac OS Extended (HFS+)
U32 Shadow™ USB 3.0 - Mac Version
User Manual
(9) FAQs
Q: Can I use my drive with bus power only?
A: Yes, in the majority of cases bus power is adequate. However,
USB 2.0 ports may not have enough power for a higher-capacity
SSD version (480GB or more). When using a U32 Shadow SSD with a
USB 2.0 port, we recommend using a USB Y-Cable which can be found
at the following link:
Q: Why does my computer show that the external drive
has less capacity than advertised?
A: In the drive industry the partitioned size will be less than the
printed capacity on the label. This is due to the fact that computers
calculate capacity based on a binary (base 2) method, where
1GB = 1024 MB. The drive industry calculates using a decimal
method, where 1GB = 1000 MB. This is why the two dierent industries
will report dierent capacities for the same drive.
For other questions please contact tech support or visit the FAQ
section of our Web site (
Technical Support:

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