Cut Sheet

Serve as pulling ttings.
Make bends in conduit system.
Provide openings for splicing.
Connect and change direction of conduit runs.
Allow connections for branch runs.
Permit access to conductors for maintenance.
Smooth, rounded integral bushings in hubs protect conductor
Accurately tapped, tapered threads for tight, rigid joints and
excellent ground continuity.
Wedge-Lok™ Form-IN-Place covers with integral gasket are
approved for use in wet locations. Grayloy-iron bodies with cast
covers and gasket are approved for use in wet locations.
Unique Wedge-Lok™ clip cover design allows easy removal at
any later time, without damaging the conduit body. The cover is
secured with clips, not screws.
Completely interchangeable with Crouse-Hinds
Form 7™
bodies, gaskets and covers. Equivalent FM7 and Form 7™ units
have identical applications and installation dimensions.
Flat back design provides greater cubic content for easier wire
pulling, and more room for splicing. Fits ush and snug against
at surfaces for more stable installation.
Smooth hub bushings and cover openings protect conductor
insulation. Smooth hub openings allow easy conduit joining.
Pan-head cover screws secure cover clips and provide superior
screwdriver seating and torque. Cover screws and clips are
captive to prevent loss.
Hub size, body style, compliance data, maximum wire number/
size and cubic capacity molded into body.
Standard Materials
Body: Grayloy-iron or copperfree (4/10 of 1% max.) aluminum
Covers: Grayloy-iron, copperfree (4/10 of 1% max.) aluminum
or steel
Cover screws: stainless steel
Standard Finishes
Grayloy-iron bodies and covers: triplecoat — (1) zinc
electroplate, (2) chromate, and (3) epoxy powder coat
Cast aluminum bodies and covers: epoxy powder coat
Steel covers: zinc electroplate
Stamped aluminum covers: natural nish
Certifications and Compliances
UL Standard: 514A , 514B
UL Listed: E2527
CSA Standard: C22.2 No. 18.3
CSA Certied: 065183
NEMA Standard: FB-1
PVC coating available on select aluminum bodies and covers.
Add sufx -PVC to catalog number.
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Fittings: Conduit Bodies
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Conduit Outlet Bodies
For use with Rigid Steel, Rigid Aluminum and IMC Conduit.
Type LB
Illustrated Features
Conduit Body with Cast Aluminum Cover, 1” Type C shown
Grayloy™-Iron, 1” Type C shown with cut-away body and cover
to illustrate Wedge-Lok™ Clip Cover detail
Illustrated views are cut away to demonstrate back configurations.
Appleton FM7 (C57, 1-1/2”)
28 Cubic Inches Capacity
Flat-Back Design
Crouse-Hinds Form 7 (C57, 1-1/2”)
26 Cubic Inches Capacity

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