Operating Instructions

Before requesting service, make the following checks. If
you are in doubt about some of the check points, or if the
solutions indicated do not solve the problem, consult your
dealer for instructions.
Common problems
The unit cannot be switched on.
Connect the AC mains lead and wait for a minimum of
10 seconds before switching on the unit.
The unit does not work.
The safety device has been activated. Do the following:
1. Press [1] on the main unit to switch the unit to standby
mode. If the unit does not switch to standby mode,
disconnect the AC mains lead and connect it again.
2. Press [1] again to switch on the unit. If the problem
persists, consult your dealer.
No operations can be done with the remote control.
Examine that the battery is installed correctly.
Sound is distorted or no sound.
Adjust the volume of the system.
Switch off the system, determine and correct the cause, and
then switch on again. It can be caused by straining of the
speakers through excessive volume or power, and when
using the system in a hot environment.
A humming sound can be heard during playback.
An AC mains lead or fluorescent light is near the cables.
Keep other appliances and cords away from the cables of
this system.
Noise is heard.
Depending on the device, noise may be heard if the device
is connected to the USB port at the same time. Disconnect
the cable from the USB port.
Display not shown correctly.
Playback does not start.
You have not put in the disc correctly. Put it in correctly.
Disc is dirty. Clean the disc.
Replace the disc if it is scratched, warped, or non-standard.
There is condensation. Let the system dry for 1 to 2 hours.
The total number of tracks displayed is incorrect.
The disc cannot be read.
Distorted sound is heard.
You put in a disc that the system cannot play. Change to a
playable disc.
You put in a disc that has not been finalised.
No response when you press [4/9].
Disconnect the USB device and then connect it again.
Alternatively, switch the unit off and on again.
The USB device or the contents in it cannot be read.
The format of the USB device or the contents in it are not
compatible with the system.
USB devices with storage capacity of more than 32 GB
cannot work in some conditions.
Slow operation of the USB device.
Large content size or large memory USB device takes
longer time to read.
The elapsed time shown is different from the actual play
Transfer the data to another USB device or backup the data
and reformat the USB device.
Pairing cannot be done.
Check the Bluetooth
device condition.
The device is out of the 10 m communication range.
Move the device nearer to the system.
The device cannot be connected.
The pairing of the device was unsuccessful. Do pairing
The pairing of the device has been replaced. Do pairing
This system might be connected to a different device.
Disconnect the other device and try connecting the device
The system may have a problem. Switch off the system and
then switch on again.
If “MODE 2” is selected in “LINK MODE”, select “MODE 1”.
The device is connected but audio cannot be heard
through the system.
For some built-in Bluetooth
devices, you have to set the
audio output to “SC-HC200” manually. Read the operating
instructions of the device for details.
Sound from the device is interrupted.
The device is out of the 10 m communication range.
Move the device nearer to the system.
Remove any obstacle between the system and the device.
Other devices that use the 2.4 GHz frequency band
(wireless router, microwaves, cordless phones, etc.) are
interfering. Move the device nearer to the system and
distance it from the other devices.
Select “MODE 1” for stable communication. (~7)
Sound is distorted or static is heard.
Check that the antenna(s) is properly connected. (~ 4)
Adjust the position of the antenna.
Keep a certain amount of distance between the antenna
and the AC mains lead.
Use an outdoor antenna if there are buildings or mountains
Switch off the TV or other audio players or separate it from
the system.
Keep the system away from mobile phones if there is
If there is excessive noise during FM reception.
Change the audio output to monaural. (~9)
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