Operating Instructions

Supplied accessories
Check and identify the supplied accessories.
Use numbers indicated in parentheses when asking for
replacement parts. (Product numbers correct as of
December 2017. These may be subject to change.)
1 AC mains lead
For the United Kingdom and Ireland
For others
1 FM indoor antenna
For the United Kingdom and Ireland
1 Antenna plug adaptor
1 Remote control
Making the connections
Connect the AC power supply cord only after all the
other connections have been made.
1 Connect the FM indoor antenna.
2 Connect the AC mains lead.
Do not use any other AC mains lead except the
supplied one.
Conserving power
The system consumes a small amount of power
(~13) even when it is in standby mode. Disconnect
the power supply if you do not use the system.
Some settings will be lost after you disconnect the
system. You have to set them again.
These speakers do not have magnetic shielding. Do not put
them near TVs, PCs or other equipment easily influenced by
Tape the antenna to a wall with the least amount of
Use an outdoor antenna (not supplied) if reception is poor.
The symbols on this product (including the
accessories) represent the following:
Class II equipment (The construction of the
product is double-insulated.)
! ON
` Standby
For the United Kingdom and Ireland
Connect the FM outdoor antenna.
Use an outdoor antenna if reception is poor.
Keep the antenna plug adaptor out of reach of
children to prevent swallowing.
Do not use the outdoor antenna (not supplied) during a
lightning storm.
Disconnect the outdoor antenna (not supplied) if you
do not use the system.
(For the AC mains plug of three pins)
READ THE “Caution for AC mains lead” BEFORE
Adhesive tape
(not supplied)
Antenna plug adaptor
75 coaxial cable
(not supplied)
FM outdoor antenna
(not supplied)
To household
mains socket
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