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Panduit Corp.
World Headquarters
Tinley Park, IL 60487
US and Canada: 800.777.3300
Europe, Middle East, and Africa:
Latin America: 52.33.3777.6000
Asia Pacific: 65.6305.7575
Real-World Solutions
With a proven reputation for excellence and innovation, Panduit and our partners
work with you to overcome challenges and implement real-world solutions that
create a competitive business advantage. Panduit offers the broadest range of
solutions, from data centers and intelligent buildings to manufacturing operations,
to help you build a smarter, unified business foundation.
Technology Leadership
Panduit develops innovative physical infrastructure solutions that meet the
rapidly changing needs of our clients, from hardware and software to advisory
services. This commitment is supported by investment in advanced research,
solutions-focused product development, world-class manufacturing, and
collaboration with customers at the forefront of technology.
Partner Ecosystem
Our best-in-class partner ecosystem offers a comprehensive portfolio of services
that span the project lifecycle, from planning and design to delivery, deployment,
maintenance, and operation. Panduit business partners – distributors, and certified
architects, consultants, engineers, designers, system integrators, and contractors –
are qualified to help you achieve your objectives and realize predictable and
measurable results.
Strategic Alliances
Panduit cultivates long-term strategic alliances with industry leaders, including
Cisco Systems, EMC, IBM, and Rockwell Automation, to develop, optimize, and
validate solutions for our customers. This investment in people and resources
helps solve our customers’ greatest business challenges.
Global Business Commitment
Panduit is committed to delivering a consistently high level of quality and service
the world over. With a presence in more than 100 countries, local Panduit sales
representatives and technical specialists offer guidance and support that bring
value to your business. Our global supply chain, which includes manufacturing,
customer service, logistics, and distribution partners, provides prompt response
to your inquiries and streamlines delivery to any worldwide destination.
With a commitment to environmental sustainability, Panduit develops and
implements solutions that protect, replenish, and restore the world in which
we live. This commitment is demonstrated by Panduit’s LEED Gold certified
World Headquarters, leveraging the Unified Physical Infrastructure
to enable convergence of critical building systems to drive energy efficiency
and ongoing operational improvement