Panduit utilizes extensive converged infrastructure experience in providing the
optimal physical infrastructure to support an integrated cloud deployment.
Our validated designs include an appropriately-sized dynamic (shippable)
cabinet, pre-labeled connectivity bundles, proper grounding, effective thermal
and cable management. Panduit evaluates power, thermal, and connectivity
requirements of each active component. From this, a balanced and scalable
rack elevation is created, integrated port-to-port network map is established,
CFD analysis is conducted, and proper load balancing is calculated.
Pre-assembled and kitted solutions provide significant time savings, reduced
risk and lowest TCO throughout procurement, installation and upgrade
phases. This converged solution features a pre-engineered layout that arrives
ready for rapid and reliable deployment.
Technical Information
Connectivity for VSPEX* 1 Cabinet,
1 Chassis with expansion
2 switches (Cisco
1 server chassis (UCS
2 fabric interconnects (Cisco 6248UP)
Dual disk controllers (EMC* VNX* 5200, 5400,
or 5600)
Always follow active equipment manufacturer’s recommended installation procedure. Do not ship
Cisco UCS B-Series Servers installed in cabinet. Use original equipment packaging for shipment.
No Disruption Expansion Server expansion via unused blade slots or
additional chassis
Up to 5 total 3 RU DAE’s and/or
backup devices
Cabinet 600 x 1200 42 RU on dynamic shippable
shock pallet
79.8"H x 23.6"W x 48.0"D (2026mm x
600mm x 1219mm)
Packaged cabinet height: 85 in. (219 cm)
Detailed Installation Guide Step-by-step assembly
Front and rear rack elevations
Port-to-port mapping by device
Labeled cables grouped by device with
specific, easy to follow guide
Other VM Solutions Available
VSPEX* 1 Cabinet, 1 Chassis Solution for Cisco in 600 x 1200 Dynamic Cabinet CQSE1679
VSPEX* 1 Cabinet, 2 Chassis Solution for Cisco in 600 x 1200 Dynamic Cabinet CQSE2679
VSPEX* 1 Cabinet, 1 Chassis MDS Solution for Cisco in 600 x 1200 Dynamic Cabinet CQSE1GM679
These solutions can be ordered through EMC* Technology Connect – Select (http://www.emc.com/select)
*EMC, VNX, and VSPEX are registered trademarks of EMC Corporation.
Cisco and UCS are registered trademarks of Cisco System's Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.
Panduit Pre-Configured Physical Infrastructure
VSPEX* 1 Cabinet, 1 Chassis Growth Solution
Active equipment not
included. Image may not
be representative of actual
equipment elevation.

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