Cut Sheet
2x2 and 4x4 Fiber-Duct
Routing System
The Fiber-Duct
2x2 and 4x4 Routing Systems are
comprised of channel, fittings, and brackets designed
to segregate, route, and protect fiber optic cable
and copper cabling. It is suited for data center
applications where cable is routed from distribution
areas to equipment cabinets or racks. It is used in
Telco Central Offices to route fiber optic jumper
cables between fiber distribution frames and
equipment bays. It can be deployed over the
racks or in approved under floor applications.
Fittings maintain a minimum 2" bend radius to
protect against signal loss due to excessive cable
bends. Available system colors are yellow, orange,
black, and light gray to differentiate various types of
cabling. A full complement of brackets is available to
attach system components to support structures
found in all applications. The Fiber-Duct
2x2 and
4x4 Routing Systems are part of the Panduit
complete fiber distribution system, which includes
the FiberRunner
24x4, 12x4, 6x4, 4x4, and 2x2
Routing Systems, cable management, and racks.
key features and benefits
Large capacity 2"x 2"
and 4" x 4" sizes
Ideal for routing, segregating, and protecting large amounts of fiber
cabling; provides a more secure installation for fiber or high performance
copper cabling
Minimum 2" bend radius
control fittings
Bend radius control in fittings helps prevent excessive bends in fiber optic
and high performance copper cabling
Snap-on covers
Covers snap on or off channel and fittings to enclose or gain access to
system; fully encloses the channel to provide protection per UL 2024A;
provides quick and easy access for moves, adds, and changes
Mates to Panduit cable
management rack panels
Provides methods to mate system to equipment mounted on standard EIA
19" or 23" equipment racks and vertical cable managers
The 2x2 and 4x4 routing systems shall be used to route, segregate, and protect
fiber optic and communication cabling. The solid wall routing systems should be
UL Listed as an optical fiber channel for general purpose use. They shall be
compliant with UL 2024A and NEC articles 770 and 800 when installed per
instructions. The slotted wall channel and cover shall be UL Recognized. A
full complement of fittings with a 2" minimum bend radius, snap-on covers, and
mounting brackets shall be available. Channel and fittings shall be manufactured
from impact-resistant and flame retardant (V-0) materials. Channel shall have
non-slip snap-on covers that can be easily removed to allow access for moves,
adds, and changes. Channel and fittings finish shall be pure color, resist
scratches, dents, and not peel or corrode. Available system colors shall be
yellow, orange, black, and light gray. A full complement of brackets shall be
available for attaching system components to ladder rack, threaded rod,
auxiliary framing, equipment racks, and raise floor pedestals.
technical information
Rigid PVC (channel), ABS (fittings)
UL Listed to 2024A Optical Fiber Cable Routing
Assemblies UL Recognized (File No. E147128) slotted
wall CSA Certified (File No. 016446 0 000) slotted wall
CSI spec form:
Dimensions are in inches (Dimensions in parentheses are metric).
A = 4.0 in.
Open channel 50% fill capacity (2" pile up):
2x2 Fiber-Duct
Fiber Optic Ribbon Interconnect
Open channel 50% fill capacity (4" pile up):
4x4 Fiber-Duct
Fiber Optic Ribbon Interconnect
Category 6, 6.1mm
Category 6, 7.6mm
Category 6, 6.1mm
Category 6, 7.6mm
No. of Cables
Channel and Cover
2x2 solid wall channel (6'): S2X2**6NM
4x4 solid wall channel (6'): S4X4**6NM
2x2 slotted wall channel (6'): E2X2**6
4x4 slotted wall channel (6'): E4X4**6
2x2 cover (6'): C2**6
4x4 cover (6'): C4**6
Fittings and Spillouts
2x2 coupler: FCF2X2**
4x4 coupler: FCF4X4**
2x2 horizontal right angle: FRA2X2**
4x4 horizontal right angle: FRA4X4**
2x2 horizontal tee: FT2X2**
4x4 horizontal tee: FT4X4**
2x2 4-way cross: FFWC2X2**
4x4 4-way cross: FFWC4X4**
2x2 end cap: FEC2X2**
4x4 end cap: FEC4X4**
2x2 inside vertical 45°: FIV452X2**
4x4 inside vertical 45°: FIV454X4**
2x2 outside vertical 45°: FOV452X2**
4x4 outside vertical 45°: FOV454X4**
2x2 inside vertical
right angle: FIVRA2X2**
4x4 inside vertical
right angle: FIVRA4X4**
2x2 outside vertical
right angle: FOVRA2X2**
4x4 outside vertical
right angle: FOVRA4X4**
4x4 to 2x2
Reducer: FRF42**
2x2 bend radius
control trumpet: TRC2BL
4x4 bend radius
control trumpet: TRC4BL
4x4 innerduct transition: FITF4X4B
4x4 adapter to TE 4x4
FiberGuide*: FADC4X4
4x4 adapter to various
4x4 systems: FTDNS4X4**
2x2 plastic snap rivet: NR2WH
4x4 plastic snap rivet: NR4BL
Plastic bolts and wing nuts: F14PWN
Plastic bolts and hex nuts: F14PN
2x2 vertical tee: FVTHD2X2**
4x4 vertical tee: FVT4X4**
1-port spillout to 1.5" I.D.
corrugated tubing: FIDT2X2**
2-port spillout to 1.5" I.D.
corrugated tubing: FIDT4X4BL
3-sided vertical tee
trumpet spillout: FTR4X4**
3-sided BRC trumpet
spillout for 2x2 exit: FTR2X2**
Mounting Brackets
Existing 1/2" thr rod brkt: FTRBE12
Existing 5/8" thr rod brkt: FTRBE58
New 1/2" thr rod brkt: FTRBN12
New 5/8" thr rod brkt: FTRBN58
Under-floor brkt: FUSB
Ladder rack brkt: FLRB
"L" wall mount brkt: FLB
Adjustable "Z" bracket: FZBA1.5X4
Low profile "Z" bracket: FZBLP
EIA/TIA threaded rod
mounting bracket: FEIAB58
Two-piece ladder
rack 1/2" thr rod: F2PCLB12
Two-piece ladder
rack 5/8" thr rod: F2PCLB58
Two-piece framing clip 5/8"
hr rod to 9/16" C-channel
aux. framing bars: FRAFC58
*TE 4x4 FiberGuide Management Systems
is a registered trademark of TE Connectivity.
**Substitute:YL = Yellow, OR = Orange,
BL = Black, and LG = Light Gray.

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