User Manual

NOTICE During shipment or handling, air in the jack can become trapped in the hydraulic system
causing the jack to malfunction.
when operating this product. Do not use this product while
tired or under the inuence of drugs, alcohol or medication. A
moment of inattention while operating this product may result
in serious personal injury.
17. Store idle jacks out of reach of children and other untrained
persons. Jacks are dangerous in the hands of untrained
18. Tool/equipment service must be performed only by qualied
repair personnel. Service or maintenance performed by
unqualied personnel could result in a risk of injury.
19. When servicing this product, use only identical replacement
parts - refer to attached, product-specic parts list and dia-
gram. Follow instructions in the Care & Maintenance section
of this manual. Use of unauthorized parts or failure to follow
maintenance instructions may create a risk of injury and may
void any applicable warranty.
20. Maintain labels and nameplates on this product. These carry
important information. If unreadable or missing, contact
Performance Tool for a replacement.
21. Before use, read manufacturer’s instruction manual for the
vehicle (or object) you will lift.
22. When lifting only one wheel, support the load immediately
with one jack stand (not included) placed under the side of the
vehicle being lifted. Align the saddle of the jack stand directly
under the vehicle’s frame or recommended lifting point.
23. When lifting the entire front end or rear end of a vehicle,
support the load immediately with two jack stands. Align the
saddles of the jack stands directly under the vehicle’s frame
or recommended lifting points. Also, adjust the jack stands to
the same height.
24. Do not work under the vehicle without properly supporting the
vehicle with jack stands.
25. Avoid dangerous oncoming trafc. Use the Jack as far away
from the roadside as possible.
26. Industrial applications must follow OSHA requirements.
27. Do not allow anyone inside the vehicle while using the Jack.
Keep all bystanders a safe distance away from the vehicle.
28. Do not support both ends of the vehicle at the same time.
29. Before lowering the jack, remove all tools and equipment from
under the vehicle.
30. The warnings, precautions, and instructions discussed in this
manual cannot cover all possible conditions and situations
that may occur. The operator must understand that common
sense and caution are factors, which cannot be built into this
product, but must be supplied by the operator.
WARNING: This product and its packaging contain a chemical
known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or
other reproductive harm.
To raise:
1. Park vehicle on a hard level surface safely
away from oncoming trafc.
2. Turn off the vehicle’s engine.
3. Place the vehicle’s transmission in PARK, if
equipped with an automatic, or in its lowest
gear, if equipped with a manual transmission.
4. Set the vehicle’s emergency brake and block
the wheels that are not being lifted.
5. Refer to vehicle owner’s manual for proper
jacking procedures. Lift only on areas of
vehicle as specied by manufacturer.
6. Make certain that load is centered on saddle.
7. Place pump handle over release valve and turn
clockwise to close.
8. Insert handle into handle socket and pump to
raise load to desired height.
9. ALWAYS support load with jack
stands. (See gure 2) Place jack
Pump Handle Sleeve
Figure 1
Figure 2
Before using your jack:
1. Place pump handle over release valve and
turn counter-clockwise no more than two turns
to open.
2. Pump jack about 6 full strokes to ensure
complete distribution of hydraulic uid.
(See Figure 1)
3. Repeat above steps as needed.