User Manual

WARNING: Remove jack from service before making adjustments
Problems listed above with more than one solution may have a combination of causes. Please be sure
that all solutions listed for each problem have been checked to eliminate possibility of further trouble.
Sometimes solutions may need to be repeated for best results.
Power unit may
be low in fluid.
With jack on level
surface and in
down position,
remove filler plug
and add clean
hydraulic jack fluid
to level of filler.
Power unit may
be air bound.
Open the release
valve a minimum
of 2 full turns.
Pump the handle
a minimum of 20
full strokes to
purge air from the
Valve may not be
To seat valves:
a.) Close release
b.) With jack in
fully lowered
manually raise
lifting arm as
high as
c.) Open release
valve and
allow jack to
descend to
Will not lift load
Will not hold load
Will not lift to full height
Pump feels "spongy" under load
Handle raises under load
Handle lowers under load
Your Performance Tool® product was constructed with quality materials and workmanship
and will give you many years of trouble free use when cared for as described in the "Care
& Maintenance" section on page 4. However, as with any mechanical device, periodic
adjustments are necessary to maintain a peak level of performance. Should your jack be
displaying any of the following symptoms, the simple procedures shown below will correct
the problem.