Installation Instructions

Unit may tip forward if loaded racks/shelves are all pulled
out at the same time. To prevent tipping, and to provide
stable installation, the unit must be secured in place with
the anti-tip brackets supplied with the unit. The anti-tip
brackets, when properly installed, should secure the rear
legs/glides to the mounting surface and prevent the unit
from tipping forward.
NOTE: Anti-tip brackets are only used for stationary cabinets
and should not be installed on cabinets with accessory casters.
Caster kits are available for HP, HC and HA model cabinets.
Refer to the instructions supplied with the caster kit for proper
NOTE: If installing on a concrete oor, concrete fasteners are
required and not included with the anti-tip kit.
NOTE: Some installation sites may require modications to
provide a secure surface for attaching the brackets.
A set of anti-tip brackets is supplied with the unit. These
brackets should be attached to the oor at the rear of the
unit. Each bracket must be located to engage the rear
glides when the cabinet is pushed back into position. Refer
to Figures 1, 2 and 3 (shown below) for anti-tip bracket
mounting locations.
Figure 1. 15” Anti-tip Kit Figure 2. 24” Anti-tip Kit
22-⁄” 23-⁄”
½“ to hole
Figure 3. 48” Anti-tip Kit