Installation Instructions

Completely empty shelf or drawer
before removing.
1. Pull the shelf/drawer out to its furthest position. Locate
the tabs in the middle of both extenders. Lift one tab up
while pushing the opposite tab down, and pull shelf/
drawer out (Figure 6).
2. Position each bracket separately. Grasp the middle of
the bracket, pull the front end up and out, then forward
to remove it.
3. Place bracket at desired location. Push the bracket rear
hook into the rear mounting slot, then set front of the
bracket in the front slot.
4. Repeat for other brackets.
5. Push extenders completely into brackets. Align the
shelf/drawer grooves with the extenders and slide
completely into the unit.
Lift one tab on extender UP while
pushing tab on opposite extender DOWN
and pull out to remove.
To remove brackets,
remove shelf, lift front
of bracket to disengage
the front key slot, then
pull forward to disengage
the rear key slot.
Perlick residential units oer a variety of door panel design
alternatives; solid stainless steel, solid wood overlay, glass
with stainless steel trim and glass with wood overlay trim.
Solid stainless steel and stainless steel glass doors are
shipped from the factory with decorative stainless steel
panels and handles in place on the unit. Solid wood overlay
and glass wood overlay doors are designed to accept a
decorative front panel to match surrounding cabinetry
and door handles.
NOTE: Wood overlay models are designed to accept wood
overlay panels from your cabinetry supplier. They do not
include a wood overlay. Templates are available on www. Click on Service & Support,
and then choose Wood Overlay Templates from the menu.
Take care in choosing the correct template for your specic
model. The handle is supplied by the customer.
All Perlick units (excluding beer dispenser and ice maker
models) accept any of the above door congurations and
are fully interchangeable. Glass door congurations are not
available on beer dispenser or ice maker models.
NOTE: Glass with stainless steel trim and glass with wood trim
may sweat in conditions with relative humidity over 75%.
NOTE: Changing the door mount is not advisable if the door is
equipped with a custom wood overlay. Doing so may result in
an undesirable handle position.
To change the door swing direction, a hinge kit is required:
Part No. 67439R - Right hinge kit
Part No. 67439L - Left hinge kit
In addition to the hinge kit, the following tools are required:
Large at head screwdriver
Regular Phillips head screwdriver
Plastic putty knife
1). Support the door in the open position as shown in
Fig. 7 on page 9. Remove the hinge pin.
2.) Pull door to the side and then lower door.
3.) Remove top and bottom hinge brackets. Retain screws
for later use. See Fig. 8 on page 9.
4). Remove the hole plugs from the top and bottom hinge
bracket mounting holes (see Fig. 8 on page 9). Place the
plugs in the holes on the opposite side made vacant by
removing the hinges in step 3.
Figure 5. Shelving/Drawer Adjustment