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Phase Velocity Series
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Thank you for your purchase of this Phase Velocity prod-
uct. Our mission and passion is to constantly advance
the art and science of accurate audio reproduction. We
are condent that your Phase Technology speaker will
accurately reproduce all the impact, detail and delicacy
of today’s digital technologies.
We recommend that you take the time to read this
manual thoroughly before connecting speakers to your
amplier or receiver. In the highly unlikely event that you
should experience a problem with set-up or operation,
please contact one of our carefully chosen dealers for
assistance, or contact us directly.
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Table of Contents 1
Safety Instructions 2
Home Theater Speaker Placement 3
Subwoofer Application Note 3
Speaker Connections 4
Mounting Your Speaker On A Wall 5
V626 Foot Installation / Spike Installation 5
V5520 Foot Installation 6
Table Top or Shelf Placement 6
Stereo / Two Channel Operation 6
Amplier Setup and Bass Management 6
Caring for Your Phase Technology Speaker 6
Maintenance and Service 7
Troubleshooting 7
Specications 8
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