6000 series Smart Ultra HDTV
55" class/po
4K UltraHD
4 times the resolution of Full HD brings your
viewing experience to the whole new level.
Enjoy every detail and the breathtaking beauty of
the pictures.
Pixel Plus Ultra HD
Experience Ultra-HD sharpness from Philips.
Now you can enjoy your favorite action films
and sporting events in stunning 4K Ultra HD
resolution. And whether you stream online or
watch a DVD, Philips' Pixel Plus Ultra-HD
Engine delivers sharper images with brighter
whites and blacker blacks.
120 Perfect Motion Rate
120 Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) creates extreme
motion sharpness for clear and vibrant images in
fast action movies. The new Philips PMR
standard reduces response time of the HDTV to
produce faster picture transitions and reduces
motion artifacts.
4K Upscaling
Your Standard Definition and High Definition
videos have never looked better. 4K upscaling
processor delivers images that are crystal clear.
Movies in standard definition and high definition
can now be enjoyed in 4K Ultra HD, ensuring
more details and more true-to-life pictures.
sonic emotion
Immersive sound with clear voice designed by
sonic emotion. Absolute3D sound fills your
surroundings with the right ambience, clarifies
voice, and details the sound stage, making your
experience more immersive and enjoyable.
Wireless LAN 802.11ac w/ MIMO
Wireless LAN 802.11ac with MIMO antennas
for seamless st
reaming of online 4K content.
Wireless Screencasting
Watch and surf anything and everything
wirelessly from your smart phone, tablet or PC
to your Philips TV. Imagine the ability to have
unlimited access to every web destination like
shopping, email, videos, social networking, as
well as your favorite TV shows and sporting
events. With Wireless Screencasting your
source device screen is wirelessly projected on
your TV, so sharing content and surfing the
internet on your TV has truly become limitless.