Owner`s manual

Page - 15
z ISO 9660 or ISO 9660 +Joliet format - Max. 30 characters
z Max. Track number is 448
z Max. nested directory is 8 levels
z The max. album number is 99
z The max. length of each track is 99 minutes 59 seconds
z Supported sampling frequency for MP3 disc: 8 KHz to 48 (44.1 KHz preferably) KHz
z Supported bit-rates of MP3 disc are: 32 - 320 kbps (128 kbps preferably).
z Following formats are NOT supported *.ACC, *.DLF, *.M3U, *.PLS, MP3 PRO, files with DRM.
z Open session discs are NOT supported.
Loading a disc
1. Turn the power on.
2. Press the Open button on the front panel to flip it down.
3. Insert the disc with the printed side facing upward into the slot. The panel will be closed
automatically. The DVD mode will be turned on automatically. The monitor will show the disc content.
4. Press Open button on the panel and Eject button inner the panel to eject the disc.
If the disc is not removed for about 10 seconds after reject, the disc will reinserted automatically.
When disc in/out, put front panel at 0 degree to avoid distort the disc.
5 You may also choose the playing mode using the MODE button.
To ensure good system performance, wait until the unit finishes reading the disc information before
Press the PLAY/ PAUSE button to start/ pause the playback. In pause mode press it again to resume
the playback.
During playback press the STOP button on the RC. Playback will be stopped. Press the PLAY/
PAUSE button again to start playback from the position at which it was stopped. If the disc is removed,
the resume function is cancelled.
Press the STOP button twice to finally stop the playback. Press the PLAY/ PAUSE button to start
playback from the very beginning.
Playing the previous/ next track/ chapter
1. During playback press the button to start playing the previous track/chapter.
2. Press the
to start playing the next track/chapter.
3. Press the digital buttons (1-9, 0) buttons to enter the desired track/chapter number.
Speed forward and backward
Long press the / buttons on the panel or press and hold for 2 seconds the or on
the RC to select the speed of fast playing in backward or forward direction: X2, X4, X8, X16, X32
Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to return to normal playback.
Note: During the disc playback when Fast/ Reverse Playback gets to the beginning of the playing
another track, it resumes normal playback.