Owner`s manual

Page - 22
Note on Discs
Only use groundless loudspeakers.
Use only loudspeakers of minimal 40Watt, using fewer watts may result in damaging your loud
speakers at higher volumes.
Use 4~8 (Ohm impedance) loudspeakers only; using higher or lesser impedance may damage
the unit.
Do not use 3-cable loudspeakers and do not connect the loudspeakers minus to the car body.
(GND). using a BTL circuit and each loudspeaker must be connected with insulated cables
according the diagram.
Loudspeaker cables and/or optional external power amplifiers must always be about 30cm. away
from the antenna and/or antenna extension parts.
If want to display for 3.2” TFT, parking wire must be connected to ground.